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Have you ever wondered how saturated the mold manufacturing industry in Europe is? If you are about to establish cooperation with any renowned company for your mold needs, then this piece of writing is just for you. In this guide, we have summarized Europe’s top 10 mold manufacturing companies. Establishing cooperation with a professional company not only offers high-quality products but also peace of mind. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin with our ranking article.

1. Grohe AG

Grohe is a prominent manufacturing company of bathroom fittings and fixtures. Particularly involved in fitting and fixture products, Grohe AG also offers mold items that are used in bathroom and kitchen fittings. While they may have involvement in the design and production of components related to bathroom fixtures, such as molds for certain parts, their core focus lies in the creation of high-quality sanitary products rather than molds themselves.

Although based in Germany, Grohe is entertaining customers across the globe. Besides being a solid company in the realm of mold supplier companies, Grohe has established a strong understanding of the brand portfolio of LIXIL (LIXIL is a renowned company that deals with the manufacturing of housing and water products). Grohe AG reflects innovation, precision, quality, and design in each product.

2. Rosti

Second on the list is Rosti. It is a professional company that is known in Europe for its high-quality ceramic sanitary bathroom and ware products. Not only entertaining customers in Europe, Rosti has built strong cooperation with clients in Malaysia as well as China. Originally founded by Stig Jorgensen and Rolf Fahrenholtz in Denmark, Rosti has gained international visualization in less span of time.

This valuable company has a lot to offer to its clients. Whether you need services of injection molding, in-mold decoration, surface finishing, in-mold labeling, injection blow molding, etc, Rosti has got you.

If you are looking for injection molding services from a European company at competitive prices, then Rosti is a good option for you. With a mission of becoming a leading global plastic injection molding business, Rosti is equipping a collaborative approach to achieve sustainability and innovative products for customers around the world.

3. Tengli:

If we are talking about top mold manufacturing companies in Europe, then it is crucial to include Tengli in the top ranking. Based in China, Tengli has a strong base in Europe. With 18+ years of professional experience in designing and manufacturing a wide variety of molds, Tengli has established cooperation with customers across the globe.

With a specialty in bathroom mold manufacturing, Tengli offers customization services in all kinds of vacuum plastic mold for customers. Whether you are looking for swimming pool molds, outdoor bath molds, steam room molds, jacuzzi molds, shower room molds, ordinary bathtub molds, artificial stone product molds, etc. Tengli is the best option for your needs.

Due to precise craftsmanship and innovative design expertise, Tengli has set itself apart in the realm of mold manufacturing. If you are looking for a company that has great experience and specialty in bathroom mold, then without any doubt, Tengli is your no.1 option. Customers looking for bathroom mold choose Tengli because of the following advantages:

1.Decade of expertise
2.Highly professional team with high-level of mold manufacturing experience
3.Efficient production processes of plastic molding
4.Their molds are approved by foreign customers
5.Entertains customers outside of China and Europe including Asia and the United States

4. Ideal Standard International

Breaking into the spotlight at number four on our renowned ranking list is Ideal Standard International. It is an Ideal standard manufacturing company that offers a wide range of bathroom solutions along with products with mold-resistant properties. Based in Belgium with over 100 years of experience, Ideal Standard has become one of the best companies in the realm of mold manufacturing.

With design centers situated in Milan, innovation centers in Germany and the UK, and production hubs in numerous countries including Italy, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Germany, etc, Ideal Standard is known in the world for a reason. Entertaining customers across 100 countries, Ideal Standard is looking forward to shaping the future of modern living with their innovative solutions.  

5.  Mold-Masters:

Mold-Masters is a global brand that is known for its exceptional services in the plastic industry. With years of experience and a strong track record of collaboration with clients covering various industries, Mold-Master has been earning the trust of customers since 1963. This long-standing reputation has firmly established Mold-Master as a leading name in the industry.

With customers finely distributed in more than 90 countries, Mold-Master is struggling hard to stay in the competition. Some notable features offered by Mold-Master are listed hereunder:

1.Global presence with top-notch facilities and operations
2.Offers a wide range of comprehensive solutions
3.Prioritizes customer satisfaction and communicates with clients at every step during production.
4.Delivers high-quality mold services that are reliable, durable, and built to last.
5.Use innovative approaches in production houses

6. Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG

Based in Austria, Meusburger Georg is a leading company that provides customers with a reliable basis for mold manufacturing. With over 55 years of experience, a unique product range, and effective communication skills with customers, Meusburger can help you to achieve sustainable success along the entire value chain from design to series production.

Their molds and dies are efficiently manufactured with high-quality material. Equipped with more than 1500 employees and an annual turnover of 327 million euros, Meusburger Georg is here to stay. Some notable benefits offered by this valuable company are listed  hereunder:

1.Full-range supplier
2.Continuous availability
3.Top-quality products
4.Entertain customers with online services
5.Personal support for customers seeking advice

7. Fibro GmbH

Founded in 1958, it is a German company that successfully leads the fields of standard parts used in various industries. Are you looking for a company that can offer exact equipment? If yes, then doubtlessly Fibro GmbH is a perfect option for you. With tons of numerous items, thousands of products are already available in stock and are available for clients on short notice.

As a part of the LAPPE group, Fibro has always been a family-owned company. With a global presence across the globe, you can see Fibro GmbH offices in Hassmersheim, France, USA, Asia, Korea, etc. This implies that whether you come from America, Asia, or Korea, you can entertain yourself with the services of Fibro.

8. Nice Rapid 

Last but not least is Nice Rapid. It is a leading company that is satisfying the needs of customers globally. Nice Rapids are experts in the manufacturing of mold including injection molding. Their fully experienced engineering expertise solidifies their position among the top 10 mold manufacturing companies in Europe. As a leader in rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, and silicone rubber molding, Nice Rapid is among the top Chinese companies after Tengli.

Whether you require a one-off part for fit and function or a small batch run, Nice Rapid has got you. Their expertise in mold manufacturing including injection molding, CNC machining, 3D printing, and rapid prototyping contributes to their reputation as a comprehensive solution provider for mold manufacturing needs.

9. EVCO Plastic

Penultimately is EVCO Plastics. However placed at the end of the ranking, EVCO Plastic has a lot to offer to its customers. As a leading supplier of custom injection molding solutions, EVCO Plastic is a trusted partner for cooperation. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, EVCO specializes in designing, engineering, and manufacturing precision molds that can be used across various areas including bathrooms.

Their years of experience combined with the latest manufacturing capabilities make them one of the best companies in Europe for clients seeking high-quality injection mold solutions. EVCO Plastic is known across the globe due to the following reasons:

1.Entertains clients with high-quality results
2.Extensive experience of over 50 years
3.Offer customization services
4.Equipped with the latest industry-leading facilities
5.Provide comprehensive mold manufacturing services

10. Xuzhong Mold

It is a prominent Chinese mold manufacturing company that has a global presence. Whether you are looking for plastic molds, inserts, metal molds, or fixtures, Xuzhong Mold is there for you. Its high-quality products along with a well-established management system make it a trusted company among the numerous mold manufacturers.

It is included in those companies that offer personalized mold solutions according to the needs of customers. So, if you want to enjoy one-stop service from plastic mold design, mold opening, injection molding, automatic spraying, etc, then Xuzhong Mold is there for you. Providing after-sales services including maintenance and repair of mold makes Xuzhong Mold among the top companies that are entertaining the European market.

The Bottom Line

These companies are renowned in the industry and likely offer a variety of bathroom mold products with features designed to resist mold and mildew. Each company has something unique to offer to its clients. Among them, no company can beat the benefits offered by Tengli. Contact Tengli today to know more about their services and products. You can also request a quote for the mold you need, especially for bathroom molds, through their official website.