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Now our molds have been accepted by more and more foreign customers, We have exported our moldsto America, France, Singapore, England, Switzerland, Sweden etc.To make an excellent mold is our responsibility, to do the best service to every customer is our honor, thesatisfaction of our customers is our pride, We expect to help your development.

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Do you know what mold products are used in sanitary ware industry?

Computer numerical control

Swimming pool mold

Outdoor spa mold

Indoor bathtub mold

Artificial stone mold

How Do We Do It

Sophisticated silicone Product Customization Process

make the drawing as per the requirement of customers or the draft or pictures from them.

send the drawing to the customer by emall and as them to confirm the posiion of ar valve, water valve and skimmer etc.

make the plaster mold as per the final drawing and then send the piclures to customers for confimation by emal.

Make the production mold: repolish and retrimed carefull until it meets the highest requirement of suction mold.

After the mold production is completed, the logistics department will package and ship it.


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①make the drawings.

②confirm the drawings

③make the plaster mold

④make the transit mold

⑤make the production mold.

 Fiberglass Reinforce Plastic & Resin.

  Vacuum Form mathod

  Temperature resistance 180 degrees

1st , the mold was finished by the gymsum materials, we’ll get you all detail pictures to confirm.
2nd, the mold was finished by Fiberglass Reinforce Plastic, we’ll get you all detail pictures to confirm.
Or you can come to our company to check.