Chop stand Fiberglass sprayer robot

More and more bathtub/hottub/spa/swimspa manufacturer would like to release the workers hand. Now we can teach robot to do it. Just one time training record, set the program, the robot will spray next same products quickly. Once you set the program, whenever you use this , it can take out from system then use.

9 meter embedded swimspa vacuum machine

Do you think the swim spa vacuum machine too high to operate? Other way can help you to easy operate the vacuum process. Embedded install way will solve this issue.

Packed 5.5meter swim spa vacuum machine

Packed the 5.5 meter vacuum machine well. I think it’s open the new milestone in India swim spa industry. More and more India customers want to develop spa and swim spa business. Call us, we offer full chain production solutions. #spaindustrial #spasolution #vacuummachine #SawingMachine #TrimMachine #AcrylicSwimSpa #forming #vacuumtechnology #hottubmold #automationindustry #cuttingmachine #trimmachine #sawingmachine #hottubmanufacturing #TheroformingMachine […]

9 meter swim spa vacuum machine installed

Three years ago, we installed 9meter swim spa vacuum machine in Sunrans . It’s in Covid time, but many spa manufacturer looking new way in swimming market. More and more people want to have own swimming place. More private and more clean ,safety. Untill now, swim spa more and more popuplar. So , spa company […]